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This Senior High Youth program is for all 9th-12th grade students and they meet on Sunday nights @ 6pm here at the church.Our goal at unMute is to be able to speak about God in creative and relevant ways to others as well as ourselves.


unMute737 has a heavy focus on mission and service work. Since 2009 they have gone on week-long mission trips to Atlanta GA, Denver CO, San Antonio TX, Charleston SC, Portland ME, Detroit, MI, and Philadelphia PA, plus all kinds of local trips to surrounding cities, including Chicago, Kansas City, and St. Louis.


At unMute737, the students take turns tag-team leading our weekly Bible Study called "Total BS" [Bible Study]. They will take a short passage or verse from scripture, and will prepare with Pastor Will a series of discussion questions that gets everyone talking and thinking about ways which faith directly relates to their everyday lives.


This group is a ton of fun and is a mix of service, learning, and fun. We'd LOVE to have you come check it out if you're a 9th-12th grade student!




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